About the researcher

<a href="https://northsouth.cofutures.org/researcher/">Researcher</a>“The other side” by Jacque Njeri 2021 (Kenyan visual artist, photo from Instagram)

Marta Mboka Tveit has a background in global media-studies (MA, SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies) and African studies (MSc, University of Oxford). She has spent time in Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and currently resides in Oslo, Norway. Additionally, she has some years behind her as a freelancer journalist and in content-production (see digital portfolio here). Recently she created a podcast-series about young Norwegian-African identity (Fellesrådet for Afrika),  and edited the anthology “Foul play in the Congo” on the French and Moland case. She writes permanently in the column “Kulturuka” (Klassekampen). She plays the guitar and is not a morning person.